Winter at the Beach

Jupiter Island Beach, Florida. I'm spending the holidays at home in South Florida, where there is no such thing as winter. Seriously, there's no such thing as seasons down here; The weather is about the same year round with the exception of a strong cold front in the winter months that makes it chilly for a day or two. I've lived the majority of my life no further than, like, 5 minutes from the beach. Really. The beaches here are beautiful and I absolutely love my little slice of paradise. But when I moved out of state I did it because I decided that Florida wasn't the place for me. I tell people Florida is great in small doses. The beaches are great to go to. But living there was a whole other story.
Three plus years after moving away and now I get to enjoy the beach only a few days out of each year. I miss it sometimes, but I love where I'm at right now. I've learned not to take this beauty for granted anymore.
Two days after Christmas and I'm wearing a swim suit and hitting up the beach. How many people can say they're doing that this week between Christmas and New Years?