Early Spring at the Gardens

This winter has definitely been a weird one. I mean, in my few years of living here in Georgia, I've become accustomed to the roller coaster weather during the winter months, but this winter has been the mildest one so far! I really was looking forward to enjoying some cold weather and winter fun but this season was a huge let down :(

However, my sadness quickly washes away with thoughts of springtime. New blooms, and new adventures! Having felt a little worried about the date I had in mind to offer Spring Mini Sessions, I headed over to the State Botanical Garden of Georgia to see how everything was coming along since flowers and flowering trees have already began blooming around town. To my surprise, the majority of the gardens are still in the midst of winter. It was a rather cool day - not too chilly and not too warm - and it was the perfect time to experience the transition from winter to spring; The holly bushes still bore their vibrant red berries, and yet right around the corner, the blueberry bushes were beginning to sprout the first of their buds. I always enjoy my time there at the gardens.

So, with that being said, I'll be offering Spring Minis on Saturday, March 25th. I don't do mini sessions often, but with my busy busy schedule lately, and with so many inquiries about photo sessions recently, I've decided to offer them for those needed a few updated photos of themselves, their families, their dogs, whatever. Please bring dogs. That would be amazing.

Each session is $125 and will last 30 minutes. I'll provide you with 10 high-res digital images in a personalized online gallery with the option to purchase more digitals, prints, albums, and wall art to preserve your memories in beautiful fashion. The sooner you book, the better, because spaces are limited! For questions and booking, get in touch with me here.

I'd love to know which one is your favorite out of all the images in this post! For me, it's definitely hard to pick just one! :P